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About the Book

Everything Is OK. Love, God

Have you ever wondered if that rainbow in the sky was just for you? Or felt the cardinal that shows up at just the right time, is a loved one you miss visiting you from heaven? We have all had “coincidences” we cannot explain that make us pause and think “Could God be reaching out to me?” The answer is yes.  We are never alone.  God and our loved ones are always sending us signs.

In this story, Rebecca’s grandpa dies, even after she prays for him not to.  The book reveals what happens when Rebecca changes her prayer and shares her story.  It is an inspiring look at what can happen when we pay attention.  Life can be hard, but God is always trying to tell us…Everything is OK.

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“Everything Is Ok. Love, God” is a welcome, unreservedly recommended, inspired and inspiring picture book story for young children…”
– Midwest Book Review

Everything Is OK. Love, God

Everything Is OK. Love, God