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“My Story”

I am a mother of 4 daughters. I initially wrote this book for my children and they have pushed me to share it with you. I don’t begin to pretend to have all of the answers.  But I do know that the signs we receive from heaven are real. The story  “Everything is OK. Love, God” comes from a special place in my heart.  Several years ago, our daughters were begging us for a brother.  It made me think of the baby boy my husband and I lost when we first got married.  Miscarriages are so common and I knew people who had lost older children, so I never felt the right to mourn.  But I was still so sad to have never met our baby.

One day, I prayed to God and our baby in heaven for a sign that they are together.  I prayed for ladybugs.  The first ladybug came to me within days.  Soon after, each of my children came to me with ladybugs from the most unlikely places.  I finally told them about their brother in heaven and my prayer. For several years now, my children tell me every time they see a ladybug. They have grown up with these beautiful God winks and they feel such comfort.  Whenever the ladybugs find me, I am reassured and filled with hope. Another sign our family receives are HEARTS. We see heart shapes everywhere. Especially our daughter, Nora. Ever since the funeral of our friends daughter, who is also named Nora, we have received these heart shapes.  The book is dedicated to her. More recently, we lost our dog to a sudden illness. He was very young and it was so shocking. Each family member has had butterflies come to them separately throughout the past months and felt strongly that it was him. Every single one of us had butterflies finding us without knowing that the others were too! During the process of writing and publishing this book, I have received countless ladybugs. I have cherished each one as a sign of encouragement and support.  In fact, on the exact day that my book finally arrived on my doorstep and I told God how cool it would be to see a ladybug that day, He sent a swarm! see article ( I am not a perfect catholic. In fact, I am far from it.  I am flawed and I struggle. There is no reason that I receive these signs other than I ask and I pay attention. I have spoken with many friends over the years who have their own signs from God and loved ones in heaven. Their stories truly inspire me and are a very special part of  “Everything is OK. Love, God”

I hope this book can encourage others to look for signs from heaven so that when they face struggles, they know that they are never alone.  God is real and our loved ones are safe and sound with Him.  Life can be so hard, but God is always trying to make it easier for us.  He wants us to pray, pay attention and SHARE OUR STORES of God moments in our lives.

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Everything Is OK. Love, God

Everything Is OK. Love, God